Upside Down      Javascript, HTML, PHP
A Google-T-Rex-inspired game with self-made characters and mechanisms. Increasing the difficulty and enhancing user experience with challenging game mechanics and a leaderboard.
Game written using Javascript with Phaser 3 framework and leaderboard achieved by MySQL database communicated by PHP.

Rubik's Cube       Three.js
(Ongoing project) A personal portfolio built with Three.js and models created in Blender.

Crypto Trading Bot       Node.js, Vue
A webpage tool that utilizes Node.js + Express backend to fetch real-time data from then uses Vue, Bootstrap, and Apexchart for frontend visualization displaying analysis.

Creative Coding       p5.js
(Ongoing project) Visual and interaction experiments in p5.js

Data visualization study on NYC recycle rates       d3.js
A visualization report about the NYC recycle rates analysis and relationship with multiple factors

Shadow Chaser       GDScript
On an ancient land, mysterious shadow entities crave your shadow......
With the character having grid-restricted movements, a complete user input and animation system is designed to handle fast input during intervals while maintaining smooth animations.
Game made in Godot(an open source game engine) and all models are created in Blender then procedurally spawn by code.

Inkball       C++
Drag the fluffy character and filled up as much space with color as you can!
Original gameplay and character design.
Game made with SDL2 framework.