Groundhog-like Robot

Developed a small-scale digging robot combining agricultural machines and bio-inspired robotics
  • Acrylic body with module design
  • 3D printed paws inspired by groundhogs' paws and bucketwheels as soil removal mechanisms
  • Controlled by myRio board(NI) with self-made motor boards and power board
  • Ability to move through uneven soil environment

Formula Air

Built a car under 100 USD budget with the following characteristics
  • Propelled by a brushless motor with 3D printed blades
  • Line-following function achieved by 8 adjacent IR sensors and PID control system wrote in C++
  • Obstacle avoidance with ultra-sonic sensors
  • Laser-cut, fiber board Ackermann steering mechanism
  • Remote monitoring system by connecting the Bluetooth module to a self-made graphic interface
Successfully drive through a 16 meter track with three 135+ degree turn and 4m of dotted line under 30 seconds

2019 Taiwan TDK Robotcon

Built a 1m x 1m x 1.5m robot with extruded aluminum with the following functions
  • Pick up and sort 20 tennis balls and 15 basketballs
  • Able to move through 8 cm height difference
  • Shot tennis balls and basketballs to a basket that is 1.8m high and 3m away
Awarded ninth place among all undergraduate teams in Taiwan